Reports "ALLEGED" Against Texas Department of Criminal Justice aka TDCJ Employees, Units, Medical, Commissary, Buses, Parole, and Others not already mentioned. The word "ALLEGED" is used only to avoid any type of Legal action against this organization. Please know the reports listed on this page are documented by the Kangroo Court Grievance Process that is set in place to correct (??????) problems within the TDCJ system. There is nothing legal about the "Fox guarding the Hen house" which is how the Kangroo Court System within the Prison System operates due to the improper checks and balances (an outside source to receive and evaluate the grievances filed by Inmates need to be put into place and the best source I can think of is use the Law Students in law schools around Texas)Using Law Students would teach these future Attorneys about the Prison System which hopefully would benefit all involved. The Prison Legal Reform Act of 1996 (PLRA) placed time limits on the filing of legal actions that it has almost eliminated the availability of the court system for the Inmates. That was the goalof the purpose fo the Politics of Prison Reform which certainly has been almost 100% accomplished. The restrictions on Inmates being able to take "legal actions" against the Prison System by not making available to Inmates Court Appointed Attorneys for them (in most cases) which if the Inmate attempt to file has to teach self the legal system (the Prison Law Library withhold information that an Inmate might need),or the Inmate has to find a prison writ writer (the reason for not allowing Inmates to have contact with Inmates because if Inmate is making waves legally and a Writ Writer is helping that person one of them usually gets transferred to another unit), or Prison Lockdowns is a could source to keep Inmates from being able to go to commissary to get needed supplies to write their legal brief, or having a Unit Lockdown at a time they know that an Inmate is in need of getting his/her legal documents in the Mail including the extreme actions of confiscating Inmates Typewriters and busting them up during cell searches which usually always includes the destruction of legal documents. The hinderance of Inmates to take necessary actions legally is the reason the News Media is not blasted everyday with Prison Abuse Stories and Prison Wrongful Death Stories. Do "whatever it takes" to shut the actual ability to get into the USA Court System seems to be the order of the day. The Constitution states that each man is intitled to have his/her day in court.Interesting that Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorney Generals, Senators, Representatives, Cabinet Members, Attorneys, Judges, hold up their "RIGHT HAND" to take an "OATH" to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. We all need to send them a copy to remind them of the "OATH" they swore to UPHOLD.This is the reason that the people that do not like the reporting of these cases holler "ALLEGED" until found guilty.If an Inmate can not get their case into the court system no one is going to be found guilty.The catch 22 theory in action

***NOTE***If you have a report you would like posted, please print out the "Waiver of Confidentiality Form" to be signed by the Inmate, with completed Grievance Forms Filed, then mail all the paperwork with the report (story) to PAPA, P.O.Box 12446, Odessa, TX 79768-2446***

Alleged reports against Abusive Officers aka guards listed below are reports of alleged "ABUSE" by Inmates in the confines of Texas Department of Criminal Justice aka TDCJ regarding The State of Texas Employees aka Guards. Reports of flith,conditions,improper maintanance,upkeep,transport buses,food services, commissary, etc. of units,kitchens,infirmies, cells, etc. are reports received from those associated with the TDCJ system. The posted reports will be updated at such time additional information is furnished.

16.I was brutally forced to plea bargain with this psychotic madness and persecuted to 10 years in prison, Texas death camps. I was tormented and held as a personal, private prisoner by some kind of sadistic christian femi-nazi guard regime due to my being a sinful madam or whatever their problem is. I was buried alive in a cement tomb for 3 of the 8 years. They assured me, "You will be here (in the tomb) until you are a very old lady, until you rot, you are just like the rest of them". I was gassed 3 times, slammed into the cement floor while handcuffed behind my back, forced to cell with violent mentally ill patients, devoid of all property and life itself. Once exhumed I was ordered to slave like a mule in mud fields awash in ants even though my dad had enlisted the aid of a Senator to enforce my medical restriction showing I am deathly allergic to ants. All of this madness because I didn't want to extort my customer base for some unknown mafia of the government and traffic co-workers into jails abroad. While I was entombed my dad layed dying of a heart attack for a year before he died. I was handcuffed to make a 5 minute phone call to my mother and that was the end of my dad who had stayed by my side through this hell wreaking havoc on his health. Suicide cases were happening all around me due to the severe abuses of TDCJ prison, blood everywhere, hopelessness permeated the air.see more on this story

15. Inmate Torres, Ellis Unit, has the disease of Chrons which is a digestive and bowel terminal illness. Numerous grievances have been filed, complaints has been filed with the proper authorities concerning the refusal to furnish the Inmate depends for the bowel problem refusal to furnish him with a bathroom pass, improper administration of medications for the bowel problem and the sever pain that goes with this disease, numerous Inmates have witnessed Inmate Torres being removed from his cell on a strecther as he was being rushed to the Infirmary and then to the Hospital.The guards stand laughing and pointing fingers at Inmate when his bowels break loose and he messes on himself, even when he ask permission to leave to go to the bathroom he is refused.This process has been going on for at least 4 years that we have been notified.

14.Guard James Jones, a black male 6'0" about 220 lbs, handcuffed Female Inmate Karyn Hendricks, slammed her into the wall as she was hollering at another Inmate across the way. The slammed broke her nose, broke out her front teeth, cut her lip. Inmate were refused her medical reports from the Community Hospital she was taken to for Emergency Care in order to document her claims, numerous grievances have been filed, Civil Right case has been filed, as of this date guard Jones is still allowed to work at the unit.

13.August 2004,Hobby Unit, Mr. Smith, is a young white male CO aka guard that addresses Female Inmates as "whore, tramp,slut, or bitch". He tells the Female Inmates to "move their fat lazy asses out of his face." (My Questions is: Why are their Asses in his face???? to start with????? uuhhmmm) When the Inmates stand at the doors of their cells for 10:30 p.m. count, he likes to slam the door in their faces and give a big horse laugh.

12.Sgt. Whitfield is a black sergeant on 2nd shift. He likes to body slam Female Inmates on the cellhouse floor, handcuff their hands behind them and hog tie their hands and feet with restraint chains, while he stands over them and cusses them. He looks for even the most minor infractions so he can use this type of adverse restraint on Female Inmates he doesn't like.

11.Mrs. Nehring, is characterized as "The femi-nazi" who oversees the mailroom. She looks for book titles on packages so she can open the package to see if a book sent to an inmate meets her personal standard for acceptable reading material. If not, she charges the inmate 11 stamps for return postage because the book cannot be re-mailed to the shipper once she opens the package. This causes the family of the inmate to be out double shipping due to having to send the Inmate the money for return postage on top of what it cost to have the book shipped to the Inmate. Nehring also removed two witness statements from an Inmate's letter that was sent to me regarding a July 9, 2004 suicide at the Hobby Unit.

10.Sgt. Young, a black female CO aka guard who told the July 9 suicide victim, a young woman named Nancy, "Go ahead and kill yourself, I don't give a damn if you live or die, and neither does anyone else around here." Sgt. Young slammed the steel door in the Inmate's face, walked away, and left the victim to cut deep gashes in her arms and wrists in an attempt to kill herself.

9.CO3 aka guard Perdue saw two razor blades on the floor of the suicide victim's cell, and left them there, after Sgt. Young slammed the solid iron cell door, he and she walked off. A few minutes later, the victim had cut deep gashes in her arms and wrists and was later found by a guard who heard her crying in her cell and opened the door to tell her to shut up.

8.Lt. aka guard West, sent Inmate to AD Seg after she returned from the emergency room because of the first suicide attempt. Ordered Young and Perdue to give all of Nancy's belongings, including the razor blades she had used to cut herself up with, back to her. Two sheets, a blanket, and a gown were also issued to her. An hour later, the victim was found hanged in her cell.

7.Ms. Evans a white female CO aka guard 1st shift, pulled her badge off and laid it on her desk,crossed the picket, walked up to Inmate Georgina Campos, who lived in 4K-202T, and hit her in the face. Evans continued to hit Inmate Campos and cuss her. The incident happened in the vestibule area of K-Wing in Bldg. #4. Inmate Campos has been transferred to the Lane Murray Unit since the assault happened and there is no information available on her current medical status or the extent of her injuries sustained in the beating. Several Inmates on K-Wing witnessed the above incidents. They all refuse to give further specific information and have asked that their names not be released for fear of reprisal by staff. This information was given to me in the hope of stopping the ongoing abuse of Inmates by the Hobby Unit staff.

6.July '04, guards - Ms. Scotts, Ms. Bagley. Mr. Monsure Ms. Murphy, and Ms.Lee Spears (Supv. Law Library)Mr. Hoakes (Access to Courts Supervisor) Michael Unit-allegedly approved each abusive policy. Discription of Abuse Ms. Spears has, under the direction of Frank Hoake (manager..access to courts) instituted the most harsh policies anywhere in the nation we are aware of, in regard to access to the Law Library and its use.
These POLICIES Include a. No use of restroom facilities. b. No Talking. c. No Legal Visits. d. No looking up from the book you are reading e. Have deleted all but a few of the AD and Memorandums,etc

5.Estelle Unit, 264 FM 3478,Huntsville, Tx 77320-3322,Stg.aka guard Ricky Miller, in the presence of witnesses, during an unprovoked use of EXCESSIVE FORCE broke 4 ribs in my lower right chest cavity. He also injured my lower back and lower neck while I offered no resistance whatsoever; he handcuffed my hands behind my back too tightly cutting my wrists; then kicked my feet from beneath me; slamming my body on the concrete floor. The breaking ribs produced a loud cracking noise as my body was slammed on the cement.When I spoke of filing a civil suit against Miller my troubles started on this unit. The guards refused to issue me law library passes and I had problems with the indigent mail system that caused my legal mail to appear to have been mailed in an untimely manner. Also during an 11 month period following the slamming incident, the medical department refused to make radiographs of the injured areas. Finally, after I filed a petition for a writ of mandamus that was denied by the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, New Orleans, LA, Judge John Rainey, U.S. District Court - Houston, suddenly addressed my action against Miller. The judge allowed for disclosure only of the items that the Attorney General of Texas requested from TDCJ Estelle Unit- Huntsville, Texas.

4.The Attorney General of Texas and four of his assistants represent guard Miller, while there is "NO" attorney to represent me in this Civil Action (I'm the party in the action who suffers from permanent injury) When I filed a motion requesting that the Court Appoint an Attorney torepresent me, Ms Cunniff, Assistant to Attorney General filed a response in opposition to my motion for Appointment of Counsel. When I sent a document to Ms. Dawn Rogers, Assistant to Attorney General the production of 19 documents, she returned the document, stating in her letter, "I am returning your Request for Discovery to you". The court's order to answer entered on March 10,2004 does not permit "discovery" to be conducted, with the exception of disclosure, without leave of the court". There is no disciplinary background information pertaining to Ricky Miller or any of his guards' state witnesses. My disciplinary record was included. The "USE of FORCE" form on which 10 Inmate witnesses are listed, does not include their TDCJ identification numbers. The 10 numbers have been deliberately blacked out through the use of a black felt marker, the type used by state employees. The guards explanations are not at all similar to my explanation and my Inmate witnesses.

3.Doctor Goucher, John Sealy Hospital in Galveston said, during a tele-med conference with me on June 11, 2004 that a nerve in my right side could be severed to stop the pain in my lower right rib cages (all the pain and suffering are caused by a prison guard who wanted to have a few laughs, while wantonly inflicting pain on the body of a 65 year old man who is 5'7, 140 lbs. The results of the radiographs of the lumber spine made April 8-June 9 2004 are still not available.

2.A few months ago Mr. Morales an old man in his 70's complained of excruciating pain in his lower abdomen. The nurses said he was faking sickness and sent him back to his cell. After 18 hours of suffering the old man "DIED" in his cell. After a brief investigation, nothing more was ever heard of the death.

1.When Gordy..an Inmate who had a pending lawsuit against a TDCJ employee, mysteriously died in the dining area, nothing was ever said about the occurrence.

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