Reduced bond in TYC?
April 27, 2007 - 6:16PM
John Paul Hernandez A man changed with sexual misconduct at the West Texas State School filed Friday in Ward County to substantially reduce his bond by $622,000.
John Paul Hernandez has been in jail since April 10 and has said before in court that he canít reasonably meet the $650,000 for his release, following his arrest on 11 sexual misconduct indictments.
Albert Valadez, Hernandezís attorney, claimed $28,000 is a more reasonable amount for Hernandez, considering the trial may not occur for months; Hernandez can show heís never been arrested before; Hernandez never interfered with the criminal investigation or attempted to flee and he poses no threat to the accusers.
Hernandez was the principal in 2004 at the West Texas State School, an all-male youth prison in Pyote.