HOW TO - INSTRUCTIONS for Take Action:

  • 1.Click on right mouse, click on "COPY"

  • 2.Click on the Email link provided or "GO-TO" where the email address is located

  • 3.Click on right mouse, click on "PASTE" when your blank email page comes up,paste into the body of the page

  • 4.when information is posted on the blank page,then make corrections or add your own wording,your name address (address must be there or they will not read

  • 5.You can add that person's name you are sending it to at the top of the letter if you want to

  • 6.sign your name and address (include email address to get a response) - this is important or they will not even read this information

  • 7.If you have any problems and need answers please contact us to help you EMAIL for HELP

  • Thank you for your valuable time to make a difference because you can make a difference.