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1. To help advocate for Elmer Ray Robinson, please write or forward a copy of the following sample letter, to the officials listed below:

Re: Elmer Ray Robinson #1244111 Mark Stiles Unit 3060 FM 3514 Beaumont, TX 77705-9631

Dear Sir or Madam:

Mr. Robinson writes that he: is being denied medication for the pain he suffers due to bad disks in his back; his back pain is a chronic condition; surgery was scheduled for the torn bicep, but cancelled.

Mr. Robinson remains in chronic pain and is requesting that his pain medication be reinstated and that surgery for his torn bicep be no longer delay. We request your intervention to help facillitate the above need medical treatment.


[Your name and address]

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Individual contact information for state officials are below:

Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst Capitol Station PO Box 12068 Austin, TX 78711 Ph: 512-463-0001 Fax: 512-463-0677 Contact Form:

Texas Civil Rights Project Jim Harrington,Director Texas Civil Rights Project Prisoner Rights Program The Michael Tigar Human Rights Center 1405 Montopolis Drive Austin, TX 78741-3436 Ph: (512) 474-5073 Email:

Sunset Advisory Commission PO Box 13066 Austin, TX 78711 Ph : 512-463-1300 Fax: 512-463-0705

Correction Committee 2011:

Representative Jerry Madden, Chair GW.11 Capitol Building, Texas 78768-2910 Phone: (512) 463-0544 Fax: (512) 463-9974 Contact Form:

Representative Alma A. Allen, Vice Chair Room E2.722, Capitol Extension P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 Ph: (512) 463-0744 Fax: (512) 463-0761 Contact Form:

Representative Erwin Cain Room E1.402, Capitol Extension P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 Ph: (512) 463-0650 Fax: (512) 463-0575 Contact Form:

Representative Todd Hunter 15217 S.P.I.D., Suite 205 Corpus Christi, TX 78418 Ph: 361-949-4603 Fax: 361-949-4634 Contact Form:

Representative Marisa Marquez, Member Room E2.414, Capitol Extension P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 Ph: (512) 463-0638 Fax: (512) 463-8908 Contact Form:

Representative Tan Parker, Member Room E2.608, Capitol Extension P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 Ph: (512) 463-0688 Fax: (512) 480-0694 Contact Form:

Representative Charles Perry, Member Room E1.418, Capitol Extension P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 Ph: (512) 463-0542 Fax: (512) 463-0671 Contact Form:

Representative James White, Member Room E2.720, Capitol Extension P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 Ph: (512) 463-0490 Fax: (512) 463-9059 / (877) 796-0581 Contact Form:

Representative Paul Workman, Member Room E1.216, Capitol Extension P.O. Box 2910 Austin, TX 78768 Ph: (512) 463-0652 Fax: (512) 463-0565 Contact Form:

Senate Criminal Justice Board:

The Honorable John Whitmire,Chair 803 Yale Street Houston, Texas 77007 Phone: (713) 864-8701 Fax: (713) 864-5287 Contact Form:

The Honorable Chris Harris,V-Chair Senate Jurisprudence P.O. Box 12068 Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711 Ph: (512) 463-0109 Fax: (512) 463-7003 Contact Form:

The Honorable Robert Duncan,Chair Senator, State Affairs P.O. Box 12068 Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711 Ph: (512) 463-0128 Toll Free: (800) 322-9538 Fax: (512) 463-2424 Contact Form:

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Health Services Division Director of Clinical Services 3009-A HWY 30 West Huntsville, Texas 77340-0769 Ph: (936) 437-4271 Fax: ( 936) 437-3601

Senator Jeff Wentworth,Chair Jurisprudence P.O. Box 12068,Capitol Station Austin, TX 78711 Ph: (512) 463-0125 Fax: (512) 463-7794 Contact Form:

ACLU of Texas State Headquarters P.O. Box 8306, Houston, TX 77288-8306 Ph: (713) 942-8146 Fax: (713) 942-8966 (888) 653-6498 toll free

Special Litigation Section U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Special Litigation Section Washington, D.C. 20530 Phone (202-514-6255 or 877-218-5228) Fax (202-514-0212 or 202-514-6273) Email:

3. This individual's acute symptoms are listed below:

November 3, 2011 Update: Mr. Robinson writes that he is being withheld medication for the pain he suffers due to bad disks in his back. He was taking Darvocet, but there were problems with this medication and it was discontinued. He was given Tylenol 3 as a substitute. Now the Tylenol is being withheld with staff telling him he didn't complain about not getting his medications. The prescription for Tylenol 3 was made for 30 days supply over the next 6 months. His back pain is a chronic condition. Surgery was scheduled for the torn Bicep, but cancelled. Mr. Robinson also has a torn Bicep and he has trouble using his arm. It is not getting any better. Grievances have been provided. Mr. Robinson says his chronic Back problems and pain are being met with indifference. His appointments have been cancelled that were scheduled for reasons that don't make sense. One appointment was cancelled because it was a holiday. He is asking why the appointment was scheduled for a time that was a normal holiday. Another appt. was cancelled because no one answered at the clinic.


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