Take Action re:Legislators

Take Action  

Petitioning for change is perhaps the most
effective way to let YOUR Representative 
and Senators know your opinion. Whether you
are calling into a local or Washington, D.C.
office; sending a letter or e-mail; signing a
petition; or making a personal visit, Members
of Congress are the most receptive and open 
to suggestions from their constituents.

People Against Prison Abuse aka PAPA encourages
you to stay informed and ask questions about 
any and all issues that matter to you! Our site
offers information on how to contact your Member
of Congress, State Senators and Representatives
does make a difference. Our "TAKE ACTION" alerts
are there for your benefit, to help you to make
your legislator aware of the problems in the Prison
Systems. Reform and Change can only come if you 
take a few minutes to "TAKE ACTION". 

You can also sign up to receive our digest that
includes tons of helpful information.

"WE THE PEOPLE" have more power than any of the
legislation body by voting, by contacting them,
expressing your likes and dislikes of their actions
taken, and you can make a difference.

It only takes ONE to make a difference,
are you that ONE?