VRSA form of MRSA


We all know MRSA is running rampant in numerous county jails in Texas and especially in Dallas. This infection is also becoming resistant to the medications being used to treat the disease and now there is a new strain VRSA, which is Vancomycin Resistant Staph Aureus because of the under treatment being given for a staph infection. You have to treat a staph infection for 14 days after a culture is done to detect the exact bacteria growing and the antibiotic to kill this bacteria. This procedure is known as a Culture and Sensitivity and is not being done in any of the facilities, especially those run by UTMB.

Texas Taxpaying Citizens do not need their services any longer, the treatment given by the employees are inadequate to say the least and done in an archaic fashion. The “don’t care just give me my paycheck an benefits” attitude needs to get off the Tax Payers Payroll.

A concerned Registered Nurse