Inmate Medical Case One

PAPA says: This is an example to be used in addressing issues, requesting help, etc…enabling others to write to request help from your Representative of the area you live in,from the Texas Correction Committee that changes each two years so you must look up who is on that committee at the time you write…Thank You, PAPA

April 14, 2004

TDCJ – Health Services Liaison
JoAnn Wood, RN
3009A Hwy. 30 West
Huntsville, TX 77340

Re: xxxx
Stiles Unit, Beaumont, TX

Dear Ms. Wood:

Please find attached copies of information that was sent
to our organization requesting help pertaining to medical needs as follows:

1. Diabetic

2. Eye Glasses

3. Proper Fitting Shoes

4. Proper Meals for Diabetic

It appears the inmate has filed proper request for help and these are handwritten copies of the grievances he has filed.

***Notation: Reports from Inmates at Stiles Unit speak of the withholding I-60-Grievances responses and returns of I-60 Grievances to Inmates in a timely manner or “NOT” at all***

People Against Prison Abuse organization would appreciate assistance for this inmate to see that his medical needs are seen about and provided for him in a timely manner.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Yours truly,
People Against Prison Abuse
P.O. Box 12446
Odessa, TX 79768

enclosure: copies of inmates information to PAPA


Representative Allan B. Ritter, Capitol Office: EXT E2.410, Austin, TX 78768-2910

Representative Joseph D. “Joe” Deshotel, Capitol Office: EXT E2.608, Austin, TX 78768-2910

Representative Ray Allen, Chair, Committee on Correction, Capitol Office, Room CAP GN.07, P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768-2910

Senator John Whitmire, Chair, Senate Committee on Criminal Justice, P.O. Box 12068, Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711