How To Get Help for Complaints



Issues and Problems of Prison Systems

In order for a person to be able to win against BIG ORGANIZED ORGANIZATIONS like The American Industrial Prison Complexes, namely here in Texas, TDCJ is the example case we are using, a person has to try to think like an ATTORNEY.

1. you have to “DO” discovery: Victim, Problem, Issue, etc.

2. then you “THINK”, what is the best possible way to go after this
problem, lay out a game plan.

3. “Game Plan”, line out what the problem is, (ex: in the case of the water contamination issues)

a. have a victim(s) that claims the water is the problem, get
all the evidence that persons has such as: doctor reports, # time in doctors office, test ran, get all the results (just hearing someone say it does not make it so)

b. then request other victims to come forward if possible, get their
documentation on what they have that makes this issue/problem to appear to be causing the problem, what is the results of the exposure

c. from this documentation put your “GAME PLAN” together

Game Plan

(1) write a concerned citizen letter to the water department of area affected-just make it non accusing or pointing fingers, just ask
something like: I was concerned about the news reports I had been
hearing about, (name what you have heard, where you heard or read it from – always support with documentation where you heard, read, told)

(2) get documentation from them for (How ever long,5 years, 2 years, etc) do it through the USPS service so they have to write you back, don’t give your phone # or email address, this way you have written documentation. (if they don’t respond continue writing until you get a response, if no response go to the CEO, Chairman of the Board, in other words go straight to the top when all else fails work your way done) Reference to Prison Problems should go to the Executive Director of the Prison or the Head of the Board of Prisons to start with

(3) Hard Copy can be used in court, just hearing something does not hold up in Court

(4) once you have received their documentation, then write another
letter to the head over that area (example case: health department concerning the issue/problem as to the Policy, Rules, Code, Law, and Procedures)

(5) write a letter to the (example case: State Health Department, get the Policies, Rules, Code, Law, and Procedures for checking water contamination: such as, how often cities have to file reports, where are the labs that are responsible for the testing, what are the Rules, Policies, Procedures, Laws, Codes for the Labs, etc.)

(6)Request from person their documentation: a. assure the Inmate you will make copies of paperwork and return it to them and be sure you do this, they need to have their documentation (PAPA maintains an individual file on each person and I suggest to the Inmate that I keep the original so it will not get lost and will furnish it to them if they need it and I send them copies of their paperwork for their record =it is best if the Inmate has a family member that will keep this evidence for them and furnish copies to anyone requesting it. All Inmates need to have someone on the outside to keep their paperwork, contacts, information, legal case, etc for them) (example case: write the labs requesting their Policies, Rules, Laws, Codes and Procedures how they process the test for water samples)

(7) Research all possibilities as to resources to help resolve issues (example case: another resource on water is: write the “Texas Parks and Wildlife,” asking them about any reports for Contaminated Water Ways. The TPW report this all the time on the PBS channel. Find out (where, when, how, who) they get their source of information

(8) Once the necessary Information/Documentations/Reports/Etc. are collected from all the resources that you can think of then a person can analysis what is happening and the process a person has to go through to get probably additional information. The Library will have a lot of this information through the resources they make available. In Texas a person can always contact Texas A&M Agg Division (which they have one in nearly every city) . Ask for their reports as to farmers and ranchers, what does the state required in the line of health procedures to protect the waterways.

(9) Once all the ,documentation and reports, (this could take months to put this information together – but it didn’t happen over night and it is not going to get be corrected over night)

(10) plan your strategy-prepare the “GAME PLAN” like a Legal Brief like as to what good Attorneys’ do to be prepare for whatever might happen

(11) Now , build your case , start by writing the letters with all the documentation to document what you have researched. Always send these reports “Certified” to the party, which in this case should go to the head of the Texas Legislative Council, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, then document copies to all the resources this information was received from as to: State Health Department, etc.

(a) Writing Tip: determine what the purpose (GOAL) is for this letter

(b) Write the purpose (GOAL) down

(c) Upon Completion determine if the purpose (GOAL) was accomplished

(d) Wait three (3) days, then review one more time before mailing

(12) “NOW” you have something to “FIGHT” with and against the problems and issues

The answer will not be found by jumping on the internet, exposing what your left hand is doing before your right hand knows what is going on. This is exactly why  “ADVOCATES” efforts go down the tube. The smoke is gone before the fire gets built.

The VERY WORST thing you can do is contact an attorney especially like a city, county, state attorney because the last thing they are ever going to do is admit something is wrong (because they are to protect the city from lawsuits) This is true with the State’s Attorney General, he represents the STATE, that is his job. By Contacting the City, County, State Attorney is to make them aware of what you are doing. Now they have had time to set up all the ROAD BLOCKS to stop you from getting information from anyone. Yes. you can contact the office for information, codes, rules, policies, procedures, etc.

People “WAKE UP” to the REAL TRUTH of the fact that several organizations have crawled into bed with the American Industrial Prison Systems a long time ago. They do the things exactly as
the prison system wants them to be done and assist in stopping and covering up what the prison system wants done. If These Organizations can prolong the stirring up of any bad issues, problems, etc., more less helps them to cover up for The American Industrial Prison System. This is just about the same level as the ROLE of the Warden and Ombudsman Office for many of the prison systems (example: this original organization of the Ombudsman Office was suppose to be a department just for assisting Love Ones of Inmates that had problems) Many organizations have contacted many advocate groups and have worked hard to contact all “advocate groups” trying to get them to join in with their organization to do what they want “you” to do and “how” they want you to do it per The American Industrial Prison System.

“WAKE UP” advocates! If something is going to happen to make a change, then what is going on is not the way to handle it. As the saying goes, if it is not working, then fix it.

FOREMOST! One person needs to be in Charge of the Committee, Group, Organization.

(a) “all” things have to be approved by the person in Charge before done

(b) all this information being exchanged should be done on private email instead of group boards.

(c) until the final case is all together, then post on the group, what has been done, how it has been done, don’t reveal the “GAME PLAN” (Legal Brief that you could take to court if had to)

If help is needed from others, just post a request, “looking for some committee people to help with a prison issues and problem”. People that are interested will make themselves available.

(a)If need be, check them out to verify they are workers for a change and not a mole for The American Industrial Prison System.

(b) Now set the “rules” how this will work. No one is contacted or information released to anyone until it has had the Head of the Committees approval. The Head person needs to be accountable and responsible for each action taken concerning a matter

(c) The Head of the committee will do all the exchanging. If they don’t want to work this way, then get them off the committee. In they are not in agreement with the Head then the project will be destroyed.

WAKE UP! to “WIN” against these people, WE, THE ADVOCATES, have to work harder and smarter than they think we know how to do. They have an entire STATE full of attorneys that will come to their rescue.

If you are offended by this outline, then you are not ready to be a part of reforming issues and problems to make change. (ex: watching how this water contamination problem has already been handled has ruined the opportunity unless the procedures are changed now and reform what has already gone down. The destructions is by the manner it has already been handled.

NEVER write The American Industrial Prison System about what is going to be done. Accusing them the issues and/or problems before the ‘GAME PLAN’ is ready is like jumping into a Lake when you don’t know how to swim.

Example: Inmates, turn in their grievances, they say ‘if you don’t fix’ this then I am going to proceed to get legal help on this problem and/or file legal action. Well, sorry to say, BUT, the prison system just laughs all the way to the trash can! Because they know the majority of the time the last thing an Attorney is going to do is waste his/her time filing a lawsuit against the Prison System because the majority of the time it is a no win situation.

People need to be aware, if threats are made to someone about taking legal action and/or with going to file a lawsuit, then if this is not followed up on, then that person you made that statement to, can come back, file a lawsuit against you for threatening Legal Action?????!!!!!!!

Advocates, hopefully this has opened a few eyes wide open where all will be awake as to some procedures as to how things should be handled in order to succeed.

Flo,PAPA 8/20/2004 Copyright Revised 10/9/2019


9/6/2004 Updated: The man that started the Water Issue Contamination action that was so offended by people advising him what should be done and what should not be done, especially about retaliation from the Prison System, has reported that the retaliation has started against his love one (the inmate). This is the reason it is so important that we LOOK, LISTEN, THINK, DO because a LIFE can be at stake in this game of prison incarceration. Update in the year of 2009, 5 years later, nothing has been done about the water problem at the women’s prisons here in Texas and news articles are beginning to surface again concerning the issue/problem that is making many women Inmate very sick.