Procedures for PAPA’s Help



1.MUST have exhausted the remedies provided within the system(required by PLRA to enable the filing of a legal court case should this be necessary)Grievances Step 1-if no resolution to your Step 1 an Appeal Grievances Step 2. Inmates’ need to know what is in their handbooks.

2.Must furnish PAPA with proof of attempts to resolve issues through I-60, Grievances, Office of Inspector General Responses, (you can send your paper work, it will be copied and returned to you) NOTE: This is limited copies if more than 6-10 pieces please get prior approval before sending.

3.Additional help needed: write out problem, Send your request for help to resolve issues through the TDCJ Truck Mail to Huntsville or mail it to P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342 via USPS mail.
Visit TDCJ Website at: TDCJ Website

TDCJ Ombudsman Help: Ombudsman

4.More help needed: Write the problem/issues to: LEGISLATORS aka LAWMAKERS: Online Legislators

5.Please furnish Love-Ones or PAPA with the documentation list of who you write with copies (if at all possible) or at least a listing of who you wrote. We need copies of their response to your letter (you can send original, we can copy, return to you if you need it) We are not mind readers so please keep us informed.

6.Have your family and/or friends to write their Representative in the area they live in and the Representative over the area the Unit is located.

Have your family to write the TDCJ-Ombudsman Office, P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX77342 or Call at 936-437-4927 or Fax to 936-437-4930, explaining the problem and issue.

***Be sure your family are registered voters and get out to vote because the Representatives and Senators do check on this and it does make a difference.

Also if love ones have internet-they can go to the Website of TDCJ and find all types of information:


TDCJ Directory:



TDCJ Ombudsman:


7.The Inmate need to inform their Representative in both of the above mentioned areas as to what is going on. When you write be sure to write to the Representative over the Unit Area, then the Representative over the area where you were living when you were arrested – at all times show respect and “DO NOT” play THREATS and INTIMIDATION GAMES…this is “no way” to get help.

***NOTE***The more mail the Legislators of Texas receive each day from Inmates and their Love-Ones hopefully this will bring “AWARENESS” sparking the need for changes to be made. Plus if they receive mail then they cannot stand up and say they did not “know” about this or that (we must keep them in the “know”). The Legislators are the Lawmakers “PAID” by the Taxpayers who supply the funds for salaries and the funds for the budgets in our State of Texas***

8.Please keep us updated on all changes. Also send to PAPA your Love-Ones name, address, phone numbers, email address, fax number, in case we need to contact them at any time. PAPA does “NOT” make long distance calls for Inmates.

9.If a form is enclosed giving PAPA authorization to make inquires and to receive information on Inmate’s behalf please, sign, date, return to PAPA, P.O. Box 12446, Odessa, TX 79768-2446.

10.If a response is needed or required to Inmate’s correspondence please enclose stamped-self-addressed (SASE) envelope for PAPA to respond back. Also furnish a SASE if you need us to notify your family or to send them information for you. The best way to contact PAPA is through our website email address listed below.

Please advise your family members that we do not return long distance calls, they need to leave Inmate’s name, What State, Prison, Jail they are in with City, State, give PAPA inmate’s name, unit name, ID number, if we should need to contact the inmate. Lack of a response may be because proper information was not given. Considerations are made in reference to SASE from indigent Inmates.

11.Inmates need to have Love-One to purchase a “Power of Attorney” from the Office Supply Store for about $2.00,(can print a free one off of our site or many others are available on the web) send to Inmate after they have filled out the information, then the Inmate needs to fill-out, request for a Notary at the unit, sign and date in front of the notary, mail this back to your family, the family needs to file a copy with their County Clerk, get a certified copy from the clerk, (always keep the original in their file at home, make additional copies, send a copy to TDCJ Office in Austin to go in the inmate’s file and send a copy to the Warden at the Unit where Inmate is housed, if needed they may need to send a copy to the Health Services to obtain medical records. The family needs to maintain the Original at all times in their possession for additional copies if needed.

TDCJ “HIPPA” form should be completed and filed enabling outsiders to obtain medical information. This enables them to request medical records if needed, case problems, and several other issues in case something major happens to Inmates.

12.Family, Friends, of Inmate’s can write to

PAPA at: P.O. Box 12446, Odessa, TX 79768-2446