Clear Record Help for Released Prisoners

Clear Record A discount code to use by entering the discount code CR001 and clear your good name today.Or contact Criminon International at 818 546-1678 or 818 517-7031(after 5:00pm PT and weekends) to help you or someone you know get beyond their mistakes and get a better life today. Rapid processing and flexible payment plans… Continue reading Clear Record Help for Released Prisoners

TX Parole Fraud

TX-Parole System Frauds Parole system shrouds frauds Poor enforcement of disclosure law hides ‘consultants’ who rip off inmates, families. By Mike Ward AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Sunday, May 21, 2006 The enigmatic process that determines which Texas prison inmates should be set free on parole has long been prone to eruptions of scandal and corruption. Shrouded in… Continue reading TX Parole Fraud


2nd Chance Act of 2007 H.R.1593 2008 News For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary April 9, 2008 President Bush Signs H.R. 1593, the Second Chance Act of 2007 Room 350 Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building President Bush Signs Second Chance Act of 2007 10:31 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Thanks for coming. I’m… Continue reading secondchanceact.html


Cleaning Up a Criminal Record Basic information about erasing a criminal conviction from your record. When records of an arrest or conviction are sealed or expunged (a notation is made in the file that the records are off limits to all except law enforcement personnel), defendants can, for some purposes, treat the arrests or convictions… Continue reading howtoeraserecords.html


PAROLE PACKAGE SAMPLE   Dear ____________________TDCJ-ID#   The enclosed information for a Parole Package is to be used to enable you to prepare in support of your desire to return to the free world. Hopefully this information and outline for you to use as a guide toward preparing information that could help you succeed in… Continue reading parolesamplepkg.htm


Parole Revoke Survey   1. Reason for Revoke:   2. How many times have you been Revoked:   3. Type of Crime Conviction:   4. Sentenced Time:   5. Number of Years served before Paroled:   6. Was this your first, second, third, etc. conviction:   7. How long were you on Parole before being… Continue reading parolesurveyform.htm


TDCJ Parole Information Requests by telephone The following offices are open 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Call the following numbers to find out an offender’s status/location: Offender Parole Status Line — Austin, 512-406-5202, or Huntsville, 936-291-2106. MUST have TDCJ or SID #. Offender Locator/General Information Line — Huntsville, 936-295-6371, or 800-535-0283. *NOTE: If you do not know the… Continue reading paroleinformation.html