Notice Inmates Drug-testing Positive At Units

December 28, 2004 URGENT NOTICE! Numerous Inmates are being Drug Tested and the reports are coming back positive. Representative Terri Hodge is writing a letter concerning this matter because she has received so many letters and calls from Inmates and Parents. Please contact her office if you are aware of a problem due to Drug… Continue reading Notice Inmates Drug-testing Positive At Units

TDCJ Health Manual

TDCJ Health Manual TDCJ HEALTH SERVICES DIVISION POLICY MANUAL Effective Date: 10/95, Revised: 08/03, Replaces: 7-1B, Formulated: 06/92, Number: H-61.1 CONFIDENTIALITY AND RELEASE OF INFORMATION PURPOSE: To provide guidelines that insure offender health information receives appropriate confidential safeguards. POLICY: I. In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), any individually identifiable health… Continue reading TDCJ Health Manual

junk science drug test

junksciencedrugtest Drug Testing – JUNK SCIENCE Texas Administration Code Lab Requirments Drug Testing Information Junk Science Drug Science Miscellaneous Information Drug Testing Information Website HOME Book on Drug Test as Junk Science Drug Test Expert

Drug Sense

drugsense DrugSense works to ensure more balanced and accurate media coverage of drug policy issues and maintains a comprehensive archive of drug policy news. Free e-mail subscription services include: The Drugnews-Digest, a regular compilation of news excerpts; DrugSense Weekly, a newsletter which encapsulates and reviews the week’s most significant news; Focus Alerts, bulletins on important… Continue reading Drug Sense


DRUG WAR Video Nov-L: Kevin Booth on America’s Drug War Nora Callahan wrote: WATCH CLICK LINK ABOVE TO WATCH FILM CLIP Slavery (n) ? bondage (the state of being under the control of another person) ? work done under harsh conditions for little or no pay ? the institution of owning human beings as property,… Continue reading drugwarvideo.html

Stop Drug War

STOP the Drug War Group of world leaders call for end to criminal drug war and urges experiment with legalization/ ThAs detailed in this AP report, a prominent group of prominent international leaders “urged a global overhaul of drug policies on Tuesday, calling for some drugs such as marijuana to be regulated, an end to… Continue reading Stop Drug War


Texas Administrative Code PUBLIC SAFETY AND CORRECTIONS TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE PAROLE RULE 195.72 Admission of Use Form (a) Releasees subject to testing shall be given an opportunity to admit usage of illicit substances and waive the testing requirement. Releasees shall be informed verbally and in writing that admission of illicit substance usage or… Continue reading substanceabuse.html


Addiction Screening Rare, Should be Required, Study Says July 12, 2007 Email Subscribe Research Summary Few doctors currently screen patients for addiction or mental illness, and requiring health plans to do so could get more people into needed treatment, according to a new report. UPI reported July 11 that researcher Constance Horgan of the Institute… Continue reading Rare

False Positives

False Positives Cause Problems For Prison Visitors By Kelli Watson _http://www.week. http://wwhttp: //www.weekhttp_ (http://www.week. com/news/ local/15944762. html) If you take prescription medications, wear perfume or lotion, or even use baby wipes on your child, you could one day test positive for drugs. That’s the problem many families tell News 25 they have when they go… Continue reading False Positives