TDCJ Hospital

KWTX – HomePage Vacant Marlin VA Facility To Become State Prison Hospital (May 29, 2007)?State Sen. Kip Averitt, R-McGregor, and US Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, held a news conference Tuesday in Marlin to announce that the shuttered Marlin Veterans Affairs facility will become a state prison hospital. Averitt secured $3.5 million for renovations… Continue reading TDCJ Hospital

Medical Standards for TDCJ

TDCJ Health Care Now Up To Standard – Critics Disagree. . . Annual prison medical costs: $315 million. Damn, no wonder we can’t get a raise┬áJim “tight-eyes” Riley . . . Oh yeah, I remember him. He was part of the Fort Huntsville Crew McCotter brought in . . . nuff said. Yeah, retirement tends… Continue reading Medical Standards for TDCJ

Procedures for PAPA’s Help

PROCEDURES for INMATES and LOVE ONES 1.MUST have exhausted the remedies provided within the system(required by PLRA to enable the filing of a legal court case should this be necessary)Grievances Step 1-if no resolution to your Step 1 an Appeal Grievances Step 2. Inmates’ need to know what is in their handbooks. 2.Must furnish PAPA… Continue reading Procedures for PAPA’s Help

Welcome to Texas Justice

Saturday, June 02, 2007 Study: Cuts to state jail drug treatment increasing Texas crime A new research paper from the Urban Institute called Returning Home (available here) says the removal of drug treatment from Texas state jails in 2003 by the Legislature made it more likely offenders would commit new crimes. The Urban Institute analyzed… Continue reading Welcome to Texas Justice

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