Misc Reading + Legal Info Help

Miscellaneous Help and Reading of Interest: Detention Victims Have Rights: Inmate Neglect and Abuse (cuthbertlaw.com) Lawyers For Inmates Rights & Prison Abuse Lawsuits (shouselaw.com) Prison Abuse Attorneys | Robins Kaplan LLP Law Firm Prison & Jail Inmate Abuse Lawyer for Injury, Neglect and Death Lawsuits (ifspb.com) Prison Abuse: Prison Guards Who Torture Inmates Can’t Be… Continue reading Misc Reading + Legal Info Help

Clear Record Help for Released Prisoners

Clear Record A discount code to use by entering the discount code CR001 and clear your good name today.Or contact Criminon International at 818 546-1678 or 818 517-7031(after 5:00pm PT and weekends) to help you or someone you know get beyond their mistakes and get a better life today. Rapid processing and flexible payment plans… Continue reading Clear Record Help for Released Prisoners

Erasing Criminal Records

Cleaning Up a Criminal Record Basic information about erasing a criminal conviction from your record. When records of an arrest or conviction are sealed or expunged (a notation is made in the file that the records are off limits to all except law enforcement personnel), defendants can, for some purposes, treat the arrests or convictions… Continue reading Erasing Criminal Records

Sex Offender Law

Re: Court strikes down federal sex offender law Has nothing to do with it. It’s basically the Court telling Congress that they can’t use the ICC to stomp all over the 10th amendment. Might have interesting implications for other aspects of the AWA down the road, though. what dose this mean to already jailed offenders… Continue reading Sex Offender Law

Lawyer Sues

Lawyer who served time sues prisons Tony Serra, the lawyer who inspired the 1989 movie True Believer,’served 10 months at Lompoc for failing to pay his income taxes. (IJ archive) Attorney J. Tony Serra is filing a class-action civil lawsuit against the federal Bureau of Prisons, saying the system forces inmates to work at slave… Continue reading Lawyer Sues

Second Chance

http://www.pr- usa.net/index. php? option=com_content& task=view& id=96655& Itemid=9 Breaking Federal Prison News: President Bush Signed Into Law ‘The Second Chance Act of 2007’ (PRWEB) April 10, 2008 — Federal Prison Consultants, LLC summarizes below “The Second Chance Act of 2007” into potential release benefits for federal prison and some state prison inmates and is available as… Continue reading Second Chance

Guard Locked Up

Ex-Correction captain locked up in beating of inmate shrugs off cell and rap Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 09:17:57 EDT Ex-Correction captain locked up in beating of inmate shrugs off cell and rap ============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= == BY JOHN MARZULLI DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER http://www.nydailyn ews.com/news/ ny_crime/ 2008/06/25/ 2008-06-25_ excorrection_ captain_locked_… Continue reading Guard Locked Up

Failure of Prison Rape Elimination Act

PREA Delay Pulling the Teeth from the Prison Rape Elimination Act Delay, defy, defang When the United Nations Committee Against Torture appraised America’s justice system in 2006, it had special praise for the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), a 2003 law that called for “zero-tolerance” toward sexual abuse in detention facilities and established a set… Continue reading Failure of Prison Rape Elimination Act