Pregnant Behind Bars

Pregnant Behind Bars: The Prison Doula Project Published on ( Pregnant Behind Bars: The Prison Doula Project By Amie Newman Created Aug 2 2007 – 8:30am When I was six weeks pregnant with my first child, my husband and I took a tour of the birth center where I hoped to give birth. The… Continue reading Pregnant Behind Bars

New MRSA Web Only: Possible New Cases Of MRSA Surface At PrisonMatt Shelosky | Reporter Posted: 8:52 pm EDT August 4, 2011 EASTON, Pa. — WEB ONLY — Northampton County Prison may not be out of the woods with MRSA just yet. After settling several lawsuits in the past year, Northampton County officials were again… Continue reading New MRSA

In The News

76 CA.prisoners being RELEASED FeedBlitzed May 1 2021 Innocent Project May 1, 2021

Procedures for PAPA’s Help

PROCEDURES for INMATES and LOVE ONES 1.MUST have exhausted the remedies provided within the system(required by PLRA to enable the filing of a legal court case should this be necessary)Grievances Step 1-if no resolution to your Step 1 an Appeal Grievances Step 2. Inmates’ need to know what is in their handbooks. 2.Must furnish PAPA… Continue reading Procedures for PAPA’s Help

Remove Worst Judge

Help debench crooked NY’s Judge Paul Czajka aka “Judge Dread” With 5 minutes of your time JUDGE DREAD He could be the worst judge in the state. At least that’s what some people in Columbia County are saying about Paul Czajka, a local jurist under fire for allegedly making outrageous rulings, including giving custody to… Continue reading Remove Worst Judge


Welcome to PEOPLE AGAINST PRISON ABUSE aka PAPA. Bringing AWARENESS concerning America Industrial Prison Complexes * ENOUGH-is-ENOUGH!* People Against Prison Abuse Contact Us JUSTICE and INJUSTICE 1.Legal Information 2.Attorneys,Judges Court Cases 3.Forms, Helpful Information 4.Judges, Law Enforcement, Guards 5.Articles, Manuals, Policies, MiscellaneousClick Here for LEGAL HELP Search Rominger Legal Where Legal Research Begins On The… Continue reading LEGAL INDEX

Clear Record

Clear Record A discount code to use by entering the discount code CR001 and clear your good name today.Or contact Criminon International at 818 546-1678 or 818 517-7031(after 5:00pm PT and weekends) to help you or someone you know get beyond their mistakes and get a better life today. Rapid processing and flexible payment plans… Continue reading Clear Record