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June 23, 2014

PAPA Notation: For those that are not aware what this is, this is a Bill that FAMM groups has been working on for years and what actually was the core of what started Family Against Mandatory Minimum aka FAMM. This has millions of man hours involved, dollars, travel to Washington DC, and on and on it has gone on since the early 90s (almost since the DRUG WAR was declared by Reagan) if I recall correctly. The FAMM Group does wonderful work stand with them PLEASE.

New York Times editorial laments stalled federal sentencing reform Today's New York Times has this lengthy editorial, headlined "Sentencing Reform Runs Aground," expressing justified concerning that bipartisan support for federal sentencing reform has "NOT" yet been enough to secure legislative action.

Here are excerpts: Criminal justice reform is one of the rare issues on which there has been bipartisan support in Congress and significant progress toward a legislative solution. Until recently, anyway. Two bills, each with Republican and Democratic sponsors, were expected to come up for a vote by this summer — one that would reduce "lengthy sentences" for many "low-level" drug offenders and another that would give "low-risk inmates" credit toward early release if they participate in job-training and drug treatment programs.

But progress on both bills has stalled, and congressional leaders who were once confident about their chances this year are now looking toward 2015, at the earliest. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of federal inmates — many of whom have already "served years of unjustly long drug sentences" — continue to sit in overstuffed prisons, (PAPA ADDED: COSTING THE VOTING TAXPAYING CITIZENS BILLIONS of DOLLARS $$$$$$) wasting both their lives and taxpayer dollars at no demonstrable benefit to public safety.... So why the delay?

One major factor has been resistance from members of the "old guard", who refuse to let go of their "tough-on-crime mind-set". (PAPA ADDED: Time To Go,should have been long gone before now)

In May, three senior "Republican senators" —

  • Charles Grassley of Iowa

  • John Cornyn of Texas

  • Ted Cruz, Senator-Texas

    TED CRUZ is the "GOOD GUY"let him know about the other senators aka Texas
  • Jeff Sessions of Alabama

  • United States Attorney General

  • *If needed here is zip code for Washington D.C.20510

    — "came out against the sentencing reductions", arguing that mandatory minimums are only used for the highest-level drug traffickers.(PAPA ADDED: WHAT?????Mandatory Minimums are used in "ALL" sentencing-they do NOT even know how the sentencing is done - get rid of them)

    This assertion is contradicted by data from the United States Sentencing Commission, which found that 40 percent of federal drug defendants were "couriers or low-level dealers."

    Another factor was the Obama administration’s April announcement that it would consider clemency for hundreds, if not thousands, of inmates currently serving time under older, harsher drug laws. Republicans complained that this — along with other executive actions on criminal justice by Mr. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. — took the wind out of reform’s sails. But with the exception of some old-line prosecutors and resistant lawmakers, everyone still agrees on the need for extensive reform.

    The other branches of the federal government have begun to do their part: Federal judges across the country have spoken out against the mindlessness of mandatory minimums. The sentencing commission voted in April to reduce many drug sentencing guidelines. And the Justice Department under Mr. Holder has taken multiple steps to combat the harsh and often racially discriminatory effects of those laws. (PAPA ADDED: "WE THE PEOPLE" Voters, Taxpayers, Love Ones that watch the horrific abuse of our family members "DEMAND" immediate, if not sooner, change.)The public is on board too. According to a recent Pew survey, 67 percent say the government should focus more on treating drug users than on prosecuting them.

    PAPA ADDED: The WAR on DRUGS has long been lost (especially since the government will NOT close the borders) and all the America Industrial Prison Complexes (for profit) doing is housing the "Walking-Wounded" left over from the drug war. Prison is not the answer. The answer is "CLOSE THE BORDER so the Cartel CANNOT bring their DRUGS into our COUNTRY!

    Here is another article:READ MORE



  • Copy and Paste into your email to Legislators, Governor, Lt. Governor, Ted Cruz US Senator, U.S. Attorney General, listed. Be sure to add your comments as a voting, taxpaying, concerned CITIZEN of the U.S.A. calling for immediate "TAKE ACTION" change in the America Industrial Prison Complexes full of horrific perpetrators of abuse, torture, neglect, miss-treatment, rape, deaths.
  • choice is to just send the link of this email directly to their website by hitting the "forward" and paste in their email addresses. Sometimes it takes going to their site to get the local address also.
  • This can be printed and mailed to their offices which this has the most impact.
  • If you need help do not hesitate to ask.

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