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September 8, 2008

Two guards fired at state women's prison The Associated Press

NOTE the ***********close to bottom, isn't that an interesting statement, some of the information, why not all of it, ask PAPA*********

NASHVILLE Two guards at the Tennessee Prison for Women have been fired and two others resigned after having or knowing about sexual relationships with current and former inmates, officials said Monday.

A prison employee also was fired for giving inmates tobacco after the Department of Correction began investigating allegations of sexual misconduct about two weeks ago, department spokeswoman Dorinda Carter said Monday. A sixth employee, a male, remains under investigation.

The relationships may have been going on for about two months. ``This is a violation of one of our most fundamental obligations, '' said department commissioner George Little. ``Inappropriate staff- inmate relationships threaten to compromise the safety and security of our institutions and will not be tolerated.'' Carter said guard Richard Feulner was fired for having a sexual relationship with an inmate. Guard Scott Mieras was fired for having a sexual relationship with a former inmate after the woman was released.

Guard Gabriel Orozco resigned after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a former inmate after the inmate was released. Another guard, Aaron Harnage, resigned for failing to report what he knew about sexual relationships at the prison.

Additionally, Sara Feulner, Richard's wife and the assistant recreation specialist at the prison, was fired for supplying tobacco to inmates. Tobacco is considered contraband.

***************Some of the information will be forwarded to prosecutors for review, she said.************

Some inmates at the Nashville prison could be disciplined as a result of the probe, Carter said.

The prison, which opened in 1966, has 730 inmates.