September 22, 2004

Thank the Lord for all that Kenneth Copeland Ministries does for the INMATES

The KCM is the one that put the “SATELLITE DISHES” in nearly “ALL” TDCJ Units.

Plus they sponsor and support the Mike Barber Prison Shows on TV and sends this GREAT Ministry into the INMATES at the UNITS.

It is a crying shame that the INMATES do NOT get to watch more often the GODLY things that come on the TV

Usually the “guards” use it to watch their scum bag shows that they get all their trash thoughts and actions from.

The Inmate can sign up for the Prisoner Package and received monthly a free book and published newsletter.

This is what they have to do:

Write to: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, P.O. Box 961010, Fort Worth, TX 76161-9984

They have to ask for the “ PRISON PACK ONE”

It might take a couple of months to get on the mailing list but they will send the monthly request to them.

Please pray for Kenneth and Family to continue the outreach to PRISONERS. We ALL need them and what they do for the INMATES.

Thank YOU, Flo,PAPA