Correspondence program book for prisoners now available from PLN Tue Apr 28, 2009 5:32 pm (PDT)

As most people know, in 1994 Bill Clinton eliminated Pell Grants for prisoners which largely ended higher education behind bars. Those prisoners who desire a higher education can still obtain one, but via the mail if they can pay for it (there are a few limited exceptions to this). The Prisoners Guerrilla Handbook to Correspondence Programs In the United States and Canada, 3rd Edition, is a guide to distance learning options available to prisoners aimed at the prisoner student, i.e., no internet access or residency required. The original publisher retired and asked PLN if we would keep it in print.

Prison Legal News is now publishing books and we can announce the third edition of the PGH. If you or someone you know is in prison and interested in furthering their education while they are there, this is the book for them. Please let folks know about the book and its availability.

Full details about the book and ordering information are at: https://www. prisonlegalnews. org/111_ProductD etails.aspx