Prisons of the Mind
A Spiritual Journey to Inner Change

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Prisons of The Mind

This is Grizman Parker's First book about his journey through the Corruption of the Prison System that brought the Spiritual Journey of Inner Change

Prisons of The Mind

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Author's just completed book released called ="Stairway of Terror" is now available

BY: Grizman Parker
Readers Report

“Stairway to Terror: Nightmares from Behind Prison Walls” by Grizman Parker is the story of how a prisoner survived the American criminal justice system. He must deal with those among the prison staff who are sadistic and abuse their power in a number of instances. He also has to contend with violent criminals who have learned how to control the prison system that confines them, and who continue to commit crimes “Behind Prison Walls.”

This work is written as a first-person account in which the protagonist was forced to drink from a dirty toilet bowl, witnessed many instances of prisoners being hurt and sometimes killed, was blasted with a high powered fire hose, spent time chained up naked because he accidently hit a guard during a riot, experienced the death of a friend due to delayed medical care, and had many other negative experiences.

“You must never tell on someone behind prison walls. This is a golden rule for convicts.” When he violated this golden rule, a fellow prisoner is locked up under a security camera system in a suicide watch cell, but nevertheless dies by hanging.

Luckily he has plenty of street smarts, and his crying is done in the dark where nobody can see his tears. Having been taught by his father never to wait for someone to hit you first, he overcomes tough punks who run their cellblock and attack him with a steel bar, and thus is sentenced to a month in “The Tomb,” a segregation unit.

These are just some of the scandalous incidents he experienced, many of them because of crooked or sadistic guards. One of the reasons Grizman Parker wrote “Stairway To Terror: Nightmares From Behind Prisons Walls” was so that the public can realize that “ putting violent and non-violent prisoners behind bars, without some sort of spiritual foundation, educational foundation, and psychological treatment, while they are confined, is only enabling the criminal. They will eventually return to society, only to reoffend again, at the expence of another innocent victim.”

This work might be selected by a reader who is a relative of someone in prison, so to better know what that world often is like. It discusses the negative outcomes of putting non-violent prisoners behind bars with violent criminals, “ Stairway To Terror” might also be appreciated by a reader who is interested in criminal justice reform.

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