Tryanny is when the “ WE THE PEOPLE” are afraid of the Government

Liberty is when the government is afraid of the ”WE THE PEOPLE”

Do you want Tryanny or Liberty?

How to change the TRYANNY

Take away the governments funds.


Abolish the Income Tax

Ask your STATE LEGISLATORS to demand the Federal Government to “abolish” the Income Tax

If 2/3 of the STATES Legislators will demand "ABOLISHING INCOME TAX", the states can take the control back from the Federal Government, Can reduce the size of the Government, and can put them back into their right position.

You must be persistent and not let up once you contact them, let your voice be heard and do not allow them to ignore you, demand they respond back to you, they work for you, you are their BOSS, act like it.

If your State Legislators are not for you
then get them out of office


Run for Political Office, out of the main stream
run in one of the lesser known parties, form your own
if enough people will do this it will lessen the two major runners called the Democrates and Republicans

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