If I were looking through your eyes
I wonder what I'd see
Would I see your good and your bad?
Would I taste the sweet and the sad?
And would I understand you better
If I could see what you see?

If you were looking through my eyes
I wonder how you'd feel.
Would you ever be afraid,
And hide behind the walls that I've made?
And would you understand me better
If you could see the things I see?

'Cause there's magic in the moment
When someone understands somebody else.
Let's sit right down and talk about it,
Wearing no disguise.
'Cause everything looks different
Sharing someone else's eyes.

If we could look out on this world together,
Feel it turn,
Seeing it your way and mine.
It only takes a little time.
Maybe we'd understand it better
Sharings someone else's eyes.

Note:I attempt to do this with my life and I invite others to join in trying to understand from the other side.
If we could...there would be a better harmony of peace among us...Flo