Meditations Prayer of Agreement for Prisoners

Father God in heaven, I ask you, based on your words as stated in the prayer that our lord and savior Jesus, directed us to and taught us on how to pray, "deliver us from evil", Lord, deliver the Prisoners from evil, from the "evil one", the devil and those that follow him and do his bidding, deliver the Prisoners from the temper, "keep them safe, out in the light, shielded, and hedged about, keep them surrounded with truth, where they may not be assaulted by evil, or be overcome by those assaults",

Lord, deliver the Prisoners from the wicked-evil of the world systems, the corruption that is in the world systems and institutions, the evil that is in the hearts of those who are in those places, not only as administrators, enforcers but as prisioners alike, deliver them from the evil that comes through lust of power, and pride, deliver the Prisoners from the evil and wickedness of conditions that are below diginity, and treatment of humans, the conditions that arise from the world and its cursed corrupted norms, from the evil of fear of death, from the sting of death (which is sin), deliver them from themselves, from continually seeing themselves as the victims, allow them to see themselves as the VICTORS, from fear especially, deliver them from evil men, that they may not be a snare to them, nor the Prisoners-prey to them,

Father it is your "good pleasure" to deliver us ALL, you are no respector of persons, all who ask, and keep asking will see that you are a good, compassionate and just God. Thank you for delivering them from impudent men, from the Impudence and audacity from evil men and evil chances; from evil affections, evil compasions, from hard judgments, and hard adversaries,

Father I thank you for the deliverence for the Prisoners, from the power of evil, from the snares of evil, from those tempeted to do evil, especially to their fellow men, Bring the deliverence from the various evils and trials which have beset them, the heavy and oppressive calamities into which they have been subjected to. Thank you Lord for showing yourself strong and bring them victory and restitution, Thank You Lord for the precedence in this matter, expediting it.

I ask in the name of Jesus, for the influence of the Holy Spirit to raise us a standard as the standard which is raised in any storm, to protect those that are yours, a protection and to influence many intercessory around the world to join together, for this cause.

I remain open to your leading, Lord, and in no way Lord am I finished boldly approaching you Lord with these matters at hand, I humbly accept any direction from divinely appointed counsel, as well as Rhema scriptures to stand upon and use as part of the array of our weapons of warfare for continues pulling down of stronghold, and bringing light to those things hidden, Lord I await . . . . . . . .that which pleases you with this situations concerning the Prisoners is what I seek here, I refer them to you, and I am satisfied that all your good counsel concerning them will be performed.

That you will enable the Prisoners to do what is pleasing and wise to you, giving them the grace and insight and wisdom to do what is necessary to align with your causes, and be in obedience to it, allow for all involved to understand and choose, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, provide the ample provisions for them to accomplish this and what is necessary for their spiritual sustenance, They know where their help comes from. Father I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus, Amen