LOVE versus SEX
SEX versus LOVE

How can a person "MAKE LOVE"

This has been a baffling statement for quite some time.

How can a person "MAKE LOVE" when USED in reference to SEX?

Would not a more correct statement be "MAKING SEX" ?

Is there a receipe for Making Love? Not really. Love is mostly about feelings. Yes, you can grow a healthy love by conditioning your heart with actions of stirring, blending, mixing together a receipe of feelings toward the one you love with a Covenant Vow of Commitment, Honor, Promise, Kindness, Gentleness, Forgiveness, Long-Suffering, Patient, Truth, Honesty, Faithfulness, Devotion, and Unconditionally Covering one-another.

Love never fails and grows in the Good Times and the Bad Times. Love is about when a person is willing to give up their life for the other's life. Willing to commit their Love first "to" and "for" The Lord Jesus Christ as the head of the Relationship.

LOVE is NOT Envy, Jealousy, Puffed up Pride, Boastful, Abusive, Harassing or Humiliating to another person.

When all this is mix together, then SEX can be MADE!

Instead of saying "Make Love" it should be "MAKE SEX".

Infatuation is not love but is usually the time that sex gets involved and a time when the flesh is allowed to rise-up to take over the common sense and the spirituality of the man/woman. Infatuation does not last through the Bad times. This receipe consist of stirring, mixing, and combining Loneliness, Lack of Self-Worth, Need for Acceptance, Belonging, Looking for Approval , Lust, Desire, Control, Co-dependency, Need to control another person through the wiles of lust (The Jezebel Spirit aka male or female), a Need to Manipulate, and to Intimidate. Most times the excessive need for sexual addictions plus all other forms of addictions, come due to the emptiness within, as one looks for Love covered up by the Lust of Sex.

As the song says, "Looking for LOVE in all the wrong places", should say, looking for LOVE in all the Wrong Ways.

"Making SEX" will kill, steal and destroy. When a person needs acceptance and approval by means of the use of SEX, it is not making love. Sex does not hold up in the lonely times, in the lack of self-worth times or in the Bad Times.

The most workable receipe for "Making LOVE" is to learn to LOVE yourself first. Love is to receive within yourself the acceptance and approval that a person needs and that only The Lord Jesus Christ can place within a person from HIS unconditional LOVE when HE paid it ALL for each one of us. God tells us to love our neighbors, how can one love his/her neighbor when he/she can not love self !

Is it possible not loving ourselves is the "ROOT" missing in our society today that has created the turmoil among mankind. This love for ourselves is not speaking of conceit, puffed up pride or haughtiness, it is about the God kind of Love.

Love grows out of commitment to another person through a vow of marriage, through a friendship, through family ties, through admiration. Love is about giving 100% of yourself to another person that you have vowed to love through the Good and Bad Times. Being a real friend. Honoring and cherishing a relationship of admiration for another person. Honor someone because of the position that person is in. God tells us to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added. If LOVE will seek and meet the needs of the other person before self, then LOVE will grow and blossom. This will grow into a cherishing vow of meeting all the needs of each other.

When a spouse does not honor his/her covenant vow that he/she promised to God and to each other, in front of family and friends, then the covenant is a broken vow. This broken promise creates distrust, hurt, disappointment, battered victims, domestic violence, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, addictions, depression, divorce, death and children left to the Wiles of the Devil.

"Making Sex" makes children conceived out of wedlock which brings a curse on the child. What does curses consist of?,rage, anger, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, suicide, drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, divorce, a restlessness, sadness, bad attitude, disrespect, abusive actions, ADD, Multi-personality, Bipolar disorders and many other emotional issues. Receipe for a Family Curse on the Child(ren), is the sins of the father to the 3rd and 4th generation. How long is a generation...30 to 40 years... which usually consist of the Grandfather, Father, Son who are still alive.

LOVE’s reward is SEX
SEX is about getting ACCEPTANCE and APPROVAL
Sex does not know how to LOVE
The God Kind of LOVE
can give and be the most intimate portion of a person's soul and spirit.

SEX is a Gift from GOD
(according to God's Rules)
HE is the forgiver
repent and receive your Spiritual Cleansing
Love your Renewed Self.


(c)Copyright 2/96, by fin