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The reason you are receiving this 2mpCIA "TAKE ACTION" Alert is that you have indicated that you would like to take part of bringing AWARENESS and attention to the issues, problems, and topics that PAPA is addressing in this Alert. Please be sure that you are a REGISTERED VOTER because the Legislators do check and it does make a difference.

Register to Vote

*Please know 2mpCIA members are welcome to copy what has been written here *Please write your own letter as to what you want it to say while addressing the issues, problems, topics this "TAKE ACTION" Alert is addressing or use what has already been written with your own adjustments. *The instructions here is to enable this process to be as simply and quick as possible to accomplish our goals by being able to copy, paste, print, put in an envelope and mail, fax, or email this "TAKE ACTION" ALERT
*Please print out the "TAKE ACTION" ALERT page to use as a sample or use it to mail out
* the center of the index menu page (says:CLICK HERE) a 2mpCIA member can click to get to the instructions
*NOTE...2mpCIA Team Leader does not always have all the email addresses (since many do not want contact by Email) but will include what we do have.If you know of one we can use, please send it to the email address. *If you have a problem how to process this "TAKE ACTION" ALERT please send an EMAIL CONTACT HELP to contact 2mpCIA Team Leader and help will be on its way as soon as possible. Thank You for being a 2mpCIA Team Member.
Please read and if help is needed contact 2mpTeam leader at:EMAIL CONTACT

*Please be sure to sign your name, address, city, state, zip, also if you choose include phone number and email address (the Representative will not review anything he/she receives in the mail if this information is not included. If you would like to indicate your title and/or involvement in this AWARENESS program please feel free to sign your name as such:
John Doe
2Million Plus Citizen-in-Action aka 2mpCIA or Voting Taxpaying Citizen-in-Action or Concern Citizens in Action

*ALWAYS remember, you are the one that pays the Legislators salaries! They are your employees, YOU are their BOSS, you voted them in when you voted, also know your Tax $$$$$$ Dollars $$$$$$ does pay for the prisons and those that work for the prison system, they also are your employees; therefore, this gives you the right to hold each and everyone one of them accountable and responsible for their actions, lack of actions, and the wrongs they create. Never allow them to intimidate you because they are your employees in the State

Please send this information to the following:

*To the Legislators 2mpCIA has listed on this "TAKE ACTION" Alert if there are others besides your personal representative
*To the Legislators that represent the area you are living; at all times this person can be found in your telephone directory under the State of Texas or State you live in, go down the Listing to Representative, if it does not give an address or name call the office and they will certainly give that information to you
*To the Legislators that represent the area where the Prison Unit is housing your Love One
*Ask people you know or have contact with to help with bringing attention to the purpose of the "TAKE ACTION" ALERT
*2Million Plus Concerned Citizens-in-Action aka 2mpCIA will always try to put the Contact link to help you find who the Representative is for your Area
*Please be aware that the Directory for Corrections usually online under 'Your State" Department of Correction, this enables you to find names of who is over departments, addresses, phone numbers, sometimes fax number

***Note: If the "TAKE ACTION" Alert is concerning Prison Units, 2mpCIA will attempt to list the parties to send this "TAKE ACTION" Alert to. If the "TAKE ACTION" Alert addresses another type of Problem, Issue, Bills making Laws, 2mpCIA will try to list the parties to send this "TAKE ACTION" Alert. 2mpCIA cannot always get all the information on the"TAKE ACTION" Alert so use your own common sense and judgment who needs to receive this "TAKE ACTION" Alert. If you have information please help by furnishing that information.

2mpCIA's CAUTION: concerning Mailing the "TAKE ACTION" Alerts and other Information into your Love One In the Prison Units because it can bring a form of Retaliation to them as a rebuttal to information the Inmates receive.

Thank you for joining forces with us to be a 2Million Plus Citizen-in-Action aka 2mpCIA "TAKE ACTION" Alerter bringing AWARENESS to those that need to be in the know. 2Million Plus aka 2mpCIA and People Against Prison Abuse aka PAPA


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