Sharp named PREA ombudsman

PREA ombudsman Lynne Sharp

Lynne Sharp

In November, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice appointed Lynne Sharp, a 24-year TDCJ veteran, as the agency's Prison Rape Elimination Act ombudsman, whose responsibilities include coordinating agency efforts to eliminate sexual assault in its correctional facilities and providing an independent office to receive and respond to allegations of sexual assault.

Sharp began her TDCJ career in 1988 as a correctional officer and advanced to the rank of major before leaving to work in the private commercial transportation industry. In 2003 she rejoined the agency as an inventory coordinator for the Commissary and Trust Fund Department. She returned to the Correctional Institutions Division in 2004 and soon assumed the duties of Safe Prisons Program Coordinator for the Hughes Unit. She moved on to become a victim/peer education coordinator at the agency’s Safe Prisons Program Management Office, and subsequently promoted to Safe Prisons Program Manager where she oversaw daily operations and coordinated the agency's Safe Prisons/PREA initiatives. Sharp is a member of the National PREA Coordinators group and is a Department of Justice-certified PREA auditor.

Sharp served honorably in the United States Army and is a graduate of the American Intercontinental University where she earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Corrections and Case Management.

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