Prison Rape

This is a subject which may upset some people, so I apologise now for what you are about to read.

The information as been supplied by the prisoners themselves, I have decided to withold their names to protect them. The inmates would like this information to be seen by people on the outside. These stories tell of the treatment these inmates are getting and the ignorance shown by prison officers and wardens when they know what is going on.


I and few others filed cases against the Arizona Department of Corrections for the Treatment of Homosexuals/Transexuals inmates.

I for one was gang raped by around 9 - 12 guy's, then later raped by two other guys, forced to perform sex acts by one cellie, then forced into sexual slavery and beaten by another. I'm suing on the fact that I never received medical treatment, the staff acted as though I deserved wat happened to me and nothing ever happened to the inmates who did this to me and the others. If this was to have happened on the streets, charges of rape would have been pressed. So D.O.C. blattently disregarded my safety and kept placing me in harms way. After I was beaten up, one Sgt told me to stop bring a whimp and toughen up. These are the sort of things I deal with. I just sent the courts the paper work for summons Etc. But I am ignorant about the law, I have so far had inmates helping me but I am in need of legal counsel. If you can help me please get in touch with the owner of this site who will give you details.

I beg of you I need help