The specific objective of Petroplex Victim Center of Care is to provide support and advocacy to Victims and their loved ones through email or telephone. The Victim Centerís purpose and vision is to provide commitment to caring for Victims in crisis situations.

Petroplex Victim Center of Care pledges to attempt to give support emotionally and verbally no matter what types of victimization has occurred in any of the following circumstances of abandonment, abuse, addiction, adult children of alcoholics, battered, behavior problems, codependence, divorce, dysfunctional family, emotional abuse, grief, incest, rape, rejection, robbery, sexual assault, verbal abuse and other non mentioned traumatic crisis.

The Victim Centerís voluntary support and advocacy task is to play a pivotal role in assisting Victims in dealing with conflict and problems developing from medical, legal, and emotional trauma.

The Victim Centerís goal is to encourage the Victim to find freedom from the disabling results of victimization through recovery that allows the Victim to seek a healing process and a functional lifestyle.

Petroplex Victim Center of Care desires to share, awake, and unite the communities to make an impact on society financially, legally, medically, and socially as a result to the dysfunctions created by victimization.

Petroplex Victim Center, Inc.
P.O.Box 12446
Odessa, TX 79768-2446