Dear ____________________TDCJ-ID#


The enclosed information for a Parole Package is to be used to enable you to prepare in support of your desire to return to the free world.

Hopefully this information and outline for you to use as a guide toward preparing information that could help you succeed in your appeal to the Parole Board for release from the prison system.


People Against Prison Abuse aka PAPA



NAME (print): ________________________________________________

TDCJ No: ________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ____________

Age: ____________

Sex: ____________

Current Location:_______________________________________________

Date received by TDCJ:__________________________________________






SECTION A: Introduction

SECTION B: Letter of Appeal

SECTION C: Parole Plan

SECTION D: Residence

SECTION E: Employment

SECTION F: Education

SECTION G: Achievements


SECTION I: Enclosures

SECTION J: Certificates

SECTION K: Place of Residence

SECTION L: Letters of Support




To the Members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

Dear Honorable Board Members,

My name is ___________________ _____, TDCJ-ID No.:____________________.

I am serving a________ year sentence for ______________________________________________.

As I appeal to you for release from prison, as you prepare to make a decision about my future, it is my hope that you will view me the person that I am now.

I have enclosed for your review what I believe to be a comprehensive Parole Package. Included are both information and pictures about my family and me. This package I have prepared for you constitutes the biography of a person who has learned a valuable lesson.

While in prison, I have had plenty of time to think about my life and to focus on the problems that led to me being here in the first place. I believe that I now understand why I made the mistakes that I did and realize that the path that I followed was certainly the wrong one.

I have an earnest desire to re-enter society and to become a productive citizen. I would happily take part in any program that would assist others in learning the potential consequences of living their lives as I did in the past to help them avoid the hardships and emotional pain that both the victims of my crime and I have suffered.

I am asking that you consider the contents of this parole plan in order that I may be released from the prison system.

Yours truly,



(put this sample in your own words.)



Upon my release, I will reside with my_______________________________________________________ ____________________________________ ,

(name) ______________________________________________________________________________ ,

at (street address) ____________________________________________________ , Apt. No._________ ,

City__________________________ State __________ Zip Code_________

Phone Number _________________ .


Upon my release, I will be working as _________________________________________________ for

___________________________________ , earning $__________ per hour. The street address of the

company is: _________________________________ City__________________________ State

__________ Zip Code_________ , Area Code ______ Phone Number _________________ .

My immediate supervisor will be ._______________________ , whom you may contact at telephone

number _________________. My daily work hours will be from: ________to:_______

on (days) _________________________________________________________________________ .

If necessary I will also seek part-time employment for the first six months of my release in order to assist my family with my living expenses.


List all of your educational achievements. Include your level of education at the time you were incarcerated and put in a chronological order all of your educational achievements accomplished since your date of incarceration. This should include any AA/NA courses and/or substance abuse treatment programs that you have accomplished. Put your signature at the bottom of your page(s).


Here, provide a comprehensive list, again, in chronological order, of your achievements since the date of your incarceration. Your accomplishments may include, but should not necessarily be limited to, any religious programs and substance abuse classes. Describe how you became involved in crime and how you feel that your errant behavior developed. Put your signature at the bottom of your page(s).


List your goals for Spiritual Life, Employment, Education, Residence, and Family as well as your plans for permanently changing in the way you live your life. Put your signature at the bottom of your page(s).


Try to get letters from a variety of people who are acquainted with you and who support you. Enclose any letters you have received from your family, friends, employers, church officials, and/or prison leaders/officials who have written to the prison system on your behalf.


Include a copy of all certificates you have earned in prison and related to trades, church, drug programs, G.E.D., college, or any other completed works.



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