Parole - How to Pick up a Love One from TDCJ Huntsville, TX

this is an outline of the procedures generally followed for release

1. Date given to Inmate is nearly always right on. The law calls for Department of Correction is to release by midnight of the date the Inmate is to be released...Release coordinator -”Specific Date” 1-936-291-2092: Note the Date Can Not BE SET UP Until the "release plan" is verified...that means if the Parolee is coming to your home a Parole Officer will come out or call to verify that the Inmate is authorized to be released there. The information is then sent back to Austin, the process starts getting all the paperwork ready which usually can take about 2 months. Austin Number on the parole is 1-512-406-5202

a. The sheriff will be waiting outside to pick up an Inmate if he/she has any outstanding warrants against them. The Inmate with outstanding warrants are released first

UPDATE 2009-on Parole Release is fixing to be from three different regents as soon as the system is up and ready to handle this process - This is a WIN for Prison Advocates that have been requesting this for many years.

2. The release times for Inmates is usually approximatedly 10:00am and 1:00pm

a. Expect a delay usually about an hour or so

3. In Huntsville For Men: The BIG Brass Double Doors on the front of the building is one area they come out of but when you look up the hill there is a door at the end that they came come out of also which you can see the staircase where the steps are.(Before you park you might drive around to get a layout of things)

4. Almost directly across from the Double Doors, there is a building with nearly all glass, like a big screen-in-porch...this is what you see on the news when the reporters are there waiting on executions . This is where you will wait.

a. The experienced waiters in this room bring snacks and games like card/dominos to pass the time because it is stressful waiting or take something to read if you can concentrate. Take something for the young children to occupy their time.

b. The building behind this building is the Administration building that we all know as P.O. Box 99 can go in there to use the restroom....sort of look around while you are will see some of the locations of places you have made contact concerning Inmates issues/problems.

5. If you travel far enough to spend the night, there is a La Quinta Motel on I45 (I think it is) it is off to the left when you are heading into town of Huntsville from the West headed East.The motel is reasonably priced, nice clean, they have a continental breakfast

a. Also, reservations can be made a couple of weeks ahead of time at the Huntsville Hospitality House if a Motel is not in the Budget. They accept donations.

6. If you will call the Huntsville Unit, you can set up a visitation with your love one on Saturday or Sunday and this will let him know you are there and will be waiting. It is only a telephone visit, but you can send in snacks from the machine so take your change. 1-936-437-1555 (Warden’s Office ext. 1975)

7. If the Inmate is being released for Parole, they have to report into the Parole Office by 9am the next morning. For those that travel far, this is a major chore and you will be worn out. Electronic Monitors, some are placed on the Inmate at the Huntsville Unit before leaving some are done the next day at the Parole Office

a. If Electronic Monitor (EM) required, the owner of the house having the Monitor installed, has to go into the Parole Office to sign the papers (currently TDCJ is trying to install EMs before they leave Huntsville), plus the Inmate has to give a two week itinary so he/she needs to write that out in order to be ready when arriving at the Parole Office, like get driver licenses, go to doctor, have to get a hair cut, go get clothes, go to church, go out to eat (most of the parole officers will not allow you to go out to eat accept for special occasions while on the Monitor.

1. Be sure when the monitor is installed that you have the installer to give you the following:

(a) time check with your clocks and their clocks

(b) an area (distance) check as far as that person can go = boundaries

(c) the Parole Officer will tell you not to answer the phone that the monitor is hooked up to (the phone has to be a dedicated line for this purpose only), but the People in Austin says to ALWAYS answer in case there is a problem with the monitor, if you hear clicking on the line to quickly hang up because the monitor is downloading a report

(d) the Parolee should always keep a journal, when reporting as to who, test done, paid fees (keep copies of Money Orders of payments), anything out of the way said or statements made as to threats etc....keep this confidential... just have in case have to use it

(e) wise to go to Radio Shack get one of the phone attachments to records calls, have a recorder, anytime the PO calls record, document the date and time on the tape. If more parolees will start doing this so they can call the PO to accountability and responsibility then maybe some of the abuse in the system will stop. Also, know the law says that recordings can be made without the knowledge of the other person, only one person has to know it is being recorded and this is you the recorder.

(f) Also a video camcorder can be most beneficial as to the coming ins and outs when on a Monitor...the channel on the TV that is the TV Guide, at the beginning gives the City, Date and Time, this is something that cannot be munipulated from the household. Then have the person to stand by it and tape it coming and going plus state where he/she is headed.

b. Be sure if something happens that delays your arrival to the parole office be sure to get a receipt with the name of the place, date, and time on it like having a flat, vehicle breaks down(repair bills) if you don’t they can send the Inmate back to prison. Also this should be done anytime the Parolee is reporting on his/her parole and have a problem....documentation can stop a lot of the abuse that goes on in the parole office.

BE SAFE ON THE TRAVEL because the anxiety level gets us off track so be extra careful. Thank God everyone survived the hell hole called prison that our loves ones are put in.

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