What is People Against Prison Abuse?

People Against Prison Abuse is an Inmate & Family organization that was formed in 1988 and resturctured in 1995. PAPA attempts to provide quality help and assistance for the FAMILIES and FRIENDS of the MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN who are presently incarcerated in PRISON Facilities and/or released on PAROLE,PROBATION, Electronic Monitor, Bond.


PAPA is primarily concerned with one thing "AWARENESS"!. If we can create a greater "AWARENESS" among the general populace as to exactly what is occurring within the confines of our PRISON SYSTEMS then Positive Reform will not have to be a


but rather a


as a result of this "AWARENESS". Most of the Families and Friends of Inmates have a greater than average "AWARENESS" of what is happening within the AMERICA'S INDUSTRIAL PRISON COMPLEX. People Against Prison Abuse is certain that if we can disseminate this knowledge amongst the CITIZENS (aka Taxpayers and Voters) of The United States of America that great strides will be made.

Exactly what "AWARENESS" are we talking about?

The primary "AWARENESS" we wish to achieve is "that THE SYSTEM simply does "NOT" work in the majority of cases!"