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PAPA's Email to Jerry Madden, Chair, Texas Correction Committee


Subject * TDCJ Clements Unit Amarillo TX

1/4/07 People Against Prison Abuse aka PAPA received this email asking for some help.I would like to add that I have been receiving numerous calls from the Love-Ones of the Inmates housed at this unit with some most disturbing in-humane stories.

Can you please help the Inmates by investigating what is going on at this unit. Is the uprising due to brutality, lack of food, medical, recreation,or out of control TDCJ Employees?When the Wardens do NOT control and properly handle issues and problems with staff then it flows down to the Inmates especially when the Wardens do NOT appear on the job daily. I know of incidents where the Wardens are not seen on the premises for weeks at a time, they stay home, on their computers they run the prison units or I should say attempt. They are paid to be on that job daily, the Wardens need to walk through the prison units to let people know he/she is there. I have never understood why the Wardens are allowed to make their own procedures at the unit when there is written policies, regulations, codes, rules, laws to say how the units are to operate.

This needs to be resolved before another ''SMITH UNIT RIOT'' happens.That is the rumble.Thank you for your help, Flo, PAPA

Violence at Clements Unit

Posted by: ''Joan C

Thu Jan 3, 2008 2:11 pm (PST)

January 2, 2008

Attorney General Greg Abbott

PO Box 12548

Austin TX 78711-2548

Dear Attorney General Abbott:

I am writing to express my deep and urgent concern about the dangerous situation prevailing in Texas prisons and jails.

In particular, I am concerned about the Clements Unit on the outskirts of Amarillo. From our inmate correspondents, I have just learned that you will soon visit Clements because of a very recent incident in which prisoners attacked and badly injured some officers and another attack last month by different prisoners on different officers. Our correspondents report that more trouble is brewing at Clements.

After each such incident, state and TDCJ officials take what they consider a “tough line.” They punish the inmates involved, others in the dorm or cell block, and sometimes everyone in the unit or system.

But here’s the problem: TDCJ is already incredibly punitive. The food is cheap and terrible; the units are bare and ugly; the opportunities for recreation are narrow and few; the men often have no clean or warm clothes — even in the terrible heat of a Gulf Coast summer or the biting cold of a High Plains winter. Add to that the high turnover rate of guards, not to mention the unpleasantness and unprofessionalism of all too many staff members. The predictable result is a buildup of prisoner frustration. As one inmate put it to us, “You can only kick a guy so many times before he kicks back.”

I urge you to work with TDCJ management to improve conditions within the prison system. All of us know that Texas imprisons and otherwise punishes a larger proportion of its population — and a far larger proportion of its minorities — than any other state or any so-called civilized nation.

Please assure us that you are working to make Texas prisons themselves more decent and “civilized.”


Phyllis G


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