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Dear FedCURE Members, Supporters, Friends and Fellow Organizations:

FedCURE is gearing up to launch an all out national campaign to get the Barber Amendment (federal good time bill) introduced in the 112th Congress. We are calling on you all to grab the embed code (below) for the FedCURE/CHANGE. org "Sign the BARBER Petition Widget" and run the widget on your own websites or blogs, just like the one you see on FedCURE's websites. You can use the embed code below to display the petition and allow your visitors to sign the petition. Please post the c2a with it.

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Republicanism has gone viral!

Support The BARBER Amendment - Federal Good Time Bill - 112th Congress

What leading Senators and Representatives are going to be Right & Smart On Crime and step up to the plate to introduce and sponsor the

Barber Amendment

to take the $1.2 billion dollars in annual savings; and so we all can lobby all of Congress and the President for its passage?

The Bill

Barber Amendment - Title 18 U.S.C. 3624(b)(1) is amended as follows: by striking the number "54" in the first sentence as it appears and inserting in lieu thereof the number "128"; and in the same sentence, by striking "prisoner's term of imprisonment" and inserting in lieu thereof "term of sentence imposed". This Amendment is retroactive. [END].

Advocate Tool Kit:

Sign Petition President & Congress on CHANGE:Sign Petition
1. Sign Petition President & Congress on CHANGE:Sign Petition
2. Support & Comment To Congress on POPVOX:Comment to Congress on POPVOX
4. Call Your Congressperson at the U.S. Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121

Go here for the message you can use to talk with your Congresspersons, urging them to introduce & sponsor the Barber Amendment:Barber Amendment
Many Thanks For Your Support,

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