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The Texas Extreme Summer Heat is here, AGAIN!

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NOTATION furnished by TDCJ Inmates at these locations:For those that are unaware that Texas Department of Criminal Justice aka TDCJ Units in the Huntsville area are 75 to 125 years old including East Texas and South Texas. The older buildings do not allow Inmates to have more than a 25 wyatt light bulb because the electrical system will not carry the extra load of more wattage. Also, the plumbing is just as old. The sewers are always backing up and brown water comes out of the water pipes aka faucets. This is the Inmates'means of drinking water in their cells. Inmates need to be supplied with proper drinking glasses enabling them to have more than a 4 oz cup of water more than one time a day. The Inmates of Texas need to be furnished plenty of fresh cool water at all times, especially during the heat of the summer. These old units are infested with roaches, spiders, rats, mice, mold, bacterias that create the dugeon like atmospheres. TDCJ has a pestiside unit that can be more beneficial to exterminate all units on a regular basis.

Heat creates heart problems to become more evident in Inmates.

This is a reminder that many of the older Texas Prison Units ****** DO NOT ****** have the electrical capabilities to carry the extra load of FANS for the Inmates. As a result of this problem many Inmates ****** CAN NOT ****** have fans. The Texas Summer Temperatures have reached over 115 degrees some summers.(in the centre block cells the temperatures rise at least 10 degrees higher than what is on the ouside) There is no means of creating air flow through out the cell. The Inmates need to be furnished with fans in all cells for each Inmate. Many of the Units Exhaust Fans that are supposed to remove the heat, do not work, which maintenance does not attempt to fix these units to help remove and circulate the extreme heated air.

Previous requests have been made to the TDCJ administration (over the facilities) for the names and locations of the units within TDCJ that are not able to have fans due to the old wiring and breaker boxes. As of this date, this information has not been furnished enabling us to inform the Voting, Taxpaying, Texas Citizens with this information. Please be aware that the Commissary sell fans, if they have them in stock, but usually do not give the Inmates the Warranties that go with the fans which many break within a few days of use. Also, if a fan is returned to Commissary workers have informed us that the problem fan is just put back into a box and sold as new instead of this merchandise being returned to the manufactor for replacement or refunds. Then the next Inmates has a broken fan that will not circulate the extreme hot air.

It has been reported that many of the units have closets full of fans that the INMATES are not allowed to have due to the electrical problem. It is a policy that ALL Inmates are supposed to be allowed to have fans but that is not happening due to many issues and problems including retaliation. Also during the summer time, at no time is a State of Texas Employee Staff member of The Industrial Prison Complex for Profit, to remove or confiscate an Inmate's fan.


Before more fans are purchased to be stored in closets, those that are concerned for Inmates to have fans, need to call, email, fax, write their REPRESENTATIVES:Texas Legislator on Line

for the Representative for your area

TDCJ Unit Location:

TDCJ Unit Locations

  • requesting that something be done about this inhumane EXTREME HOT SUMMER HEAT
  • request that outdated TDCJ units be replaced with new units that are up to date in the electrical and plumbing areas enabling the Inmates to have proper electrical, plumbing, and water facilities.
  • harsh punishment for guards found to withhold cups, ice,cool water from inmates, fans, or turn off the circulating building fans
  • harsh punishment for guards failure to call for repairs of circulating building fans, all fans to be repaired within 24 hours
  • The US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that extreme heat can be a violation of prisoner rights:

    "In a case involving a 64-year-old former Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate who suffered from hypertension and other medical ailments, the federal court in New Orleans held that allowing an inmate to be 'exposed to extreme temperatures can constitute a violation of the Eighth Amendment.' The case was remanded to the district court for a new trial."
    Full article here:Article

    It seems that our cause is not so far off of a goal after all! This is why we need to continue raising awareness and spreading the word! Change will come with the right mixture of civilian outrage and judicial wisdom.

    As long as this issue remains in the news, we have more of a chance to enact change. Please continue to share our petition with family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else that may be interested in our cause. Change will not happen overnight, and we can't do this without you! Samantha Herrington


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    Notation: This is in reference to the Texas Prison Summer Heat.Remember many units are not allowed to use fans and any fans sent in are just stored in storage.The INMATES do not get the benefit of the fans.!

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