Volunteers are needed:

  • Web Developers to become part of a working team. Knowledge of any or all of the technology (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, XML, RSS feeds, MySQL)

  • Web tester, to roam the website on a regular basis and advise the webteam of any navigational difficulties or possible problems for viewers (no knowledge of scripting languages necessary)

  • Educated Commentators for editorial content

  • Writers to compose clear precise alerts

  • Proof readers

  • Links to organization websites, must come directly from the CEOs or founders of those organizations. Networking is necessary for our voices to grow.

  • Legal advisors and researchers

  • News researchers, search out and report any news relevant to issues we pursue

  • Members with medical training/knowledge

    If you can help with any of this, please contact us via the email form, HERE
    Thank you so much!

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